Thanksgiving Week!

Ascend Aerial Arts Students! 
Remember regular aerial silks & straps classes are on hiatus for the Thanksgiving week (11/20 – 11/26) but here are some workshops & aerial review classes that are happening instead!
  • Aerial Review with Claire – Monday, 11/20 at 4pm – SIGN UP HERE
  • Aerial Review with Connie – Tuesday, 11/21 at 5:15pm – SIGN UP HERE
  • Aerial Silks Workshop – Bombs Away 2 with Camille – Wednesday, 11/22 at 7:30pm – SIGN UP HERE
  • Aerial Review with Claire – Sunday, 11/26 at 3:30pm – SIGN UP HERE
AERIAL REVIEW.  Want extra time to review what you’ve learned? Come to Aerial Review to practice skills taught in your other classes. There will be a mandatory group cool-down, and an instructor will be on-hand to spot, review moves, or in case you have questions or concerns during class. Note: bring your own material to work on, as the instructor will not be teaching new tricks or techniques.
PREREQUISITE: This drop-in class is for all levels and only for those students currently enrolled Ascend Aerial Classes.   IMPORTANT! We require a minimum of 3 students to sign up by 12PM on the day of the class or it will be cancelled! – 90 Minutes – $35/pp
Aerial Silks: Bombs Away 2! The holidays are here! But before we all head out to eat, drink and be merry, we have time for one last aerial class. As requested, Camille is busting out some of her favorite bomb drops — let’s start 2017 holiday season with a bang!    PREREQUISITE: Intermediate level or above, OR have taken Bombs Away last year. Beg/int level students may enroll if they have already done the basic bomb drop and are comfortable with opposite side wrap in the air, but are still subject to instructor approval. Space is limited.
Once class begins there are no refunds and no make up classes. We require a minimum of 6 students to hold a class.Questions? Email Tammy at – 90 Minutes – $30 M / $35 NM

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