Aerial Review – This Memorial Day Monday!


Want extra time to review what you’ve learned?

Come to Aerial Review to practice skills taught in your other classes. There will be a mandatory group cool-down, and an instructor will be on-hand to spot, review moves, or in case you have questions or concerns during class. Note: bring your own material to work on, as the instructor will not be teaching new tricks or techniques.  Note:  This review time cannot be used to makeup a missed class.

PREREQUISITE: This drop-in class is for all levels and only for those students currently enrolled Ascend Aerial Classes for the May-June 2018 session.

IMPORTANT! We require a minimum of 4 students to sign up by 3 hours before the start of class on the day of the class or it will be cancelled.

$25 M /  $28 NM – 2 HOURS

REMINDER:  No regular aerial silks class scheduled this weekend starting Friday 5/25th – Monday 5/28th.

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