Social Media Disclaimer

Everyone here at Ascend understands the importance of sharing your aerial accomplishments at  our studio through the use of social media.  We also want to suggest the following guidelines and best practices when you are sharing your aerial videos online with safety in mind.

What we do in aerial silks & straps is fun, challenging and extremely satisfying but we ALL know that it also can be dangerous to learn & practice aerial by watching videos without the guidance of a qualified instructor.

We kindly ask all Ascend students (& spectators) to respectfully refrain from filming instructors.  You are welcome to film yourself with the following considerations:

  1.  Never share online the full pathway OR set up for aerial sequences.  Unfortunately, there are instances where aerialists have been SERIOUSLY injured while learning aerial moves online, which unfortunately has led not only to injuries but also lawsuits.
  2. Add a disclaimer for any aerial sequences or drops (do not share the pathway) being shared, “please do not attempt without the guidance of a qualified instructor” which will both protect you and anyone watching your video.
  3. We ask all students never to attempt any aerial moves that they only have seen via social media.  You may show the video to our instructors and if they wish, they can consider teaching the move during class as appropriate.
  4. We ask all students not to teach during any aerial silks classes for any reason.

As many of you know, I love having our students learn and grow in the aerial skills but the most important thing to me is your safety and I hope that these best practices will aid you all in furthering your love of all things aerial.


Tammy Shueh
Manager – Ascend Aerial Arts
Impact! Kickboxing Fitness