Group Act Development Series with Colleen: Paint It Black

Sundays 5:15-7:15pm – 10 weeks: Jul 15 – Sep 23 (no class Labor Day weekend Sep 2)

Group size: minimum 4 students, maximum 6 students
Attendance commitment: must attend 5 of the first 8 classes, last 2 classes are mandatory

Course and act description

“Sunlight & Shadows” is the theme for Ascend Aerial’s 2018 Student Showcase. With this group act we will go to the darker side of life and create a visually engaging and emotional act to Ciara’s cover of “Paint It Black”.

We will start with a skeleton of choreography and throughout the class series work as a group to embellish it into a polished and engaging act. The goal of this act will be to translate the mood and emotion of the music through our bodies. We will pay special attention to expression, intention, contrast, and synchronicity. Choreography will be both on the floor and on the silks and involve both solo and partner work.

The first 8 classes will each cover a specific topic in the process of act development. We will work through exercises and apply them to the choreography. During the last two classes we will run the act, run the act, and run the act!

This act is geared toward students in Intermediate or higher, though some students in Pre-intermediate may be eligible. No experience in partner aerial is necessary – we will cover it during the series.


  • Must be currently enrolled student at Ascend
  • Openness to exploring movement & expression both on and off the silks
  • Endurance on the silks for 2 minutes.
  • Russian climb to the top of the silks
  • Hip key in the air (bent legs, at minimum)
  • Straddle inversion at the top of the silks (bent arms and legs, at minimum)
  • Able to wrap for “crochet legs, crossback, thigh wraps” (any entry method)
  • Experience with at least one type of salto or tick tock drop

Group requirements

We will need 3 performers with a strong wheeldown (straight legs) and 3 performers comfortable with moderate spinning (at the end of the act). Depending on the size of the group these could be the same performers.


$320 Aerial Member / $350 Non-Member