Workshops – Feb 2018

Sat. Feb. 3rd  – 4:30pm
Intro to Aerial Silks
1 Day Class with Claire Lewis!

This 90 minute class is for those curious about aerial silks or interested in developing strong core and upper body with conditioning exercises on and off the silks. No experience necessary. Try it once and you’ll be hooked!  Space is limited. Once class begins there are no refunds and no make up classes. We require a minimum of 6 students to hold a class

$35/Per Person – Class is FULL

Sat. Feb 3rd – 6:00PM
Rope Technique for Silks Artists
with Sommer Panage!

This workshop looks at how you can bring some of dynamic techniques of rope over to silks. In it, we will examine beats, working with straight arms, and using momentum in transitions! Even if you never plan to touch a rope, this workshop can help add variety and dynamism to your silks work!   Maximum number of students is 10 and a minimum of 6 is required to hold this workshop. Prerequisites :  3 straddle ups in a row.  Straight-arm straddle up recommend but NOT required

$70M / $75 NM – 2 HOURS – sign up today!

Sat. Feb 10th – 4:30PM
Spin and Dynamic Movement’s
for Tissu with Thai Lam!

Thai is an aerialist who embodies versatility in his performance. His style focuses on smooth lines, clean technique, and powerful movements all the while giving the audience a taste of that Thai spice. Thai enjoys injecting contrasting elements side by side, balancing the fine line between femininity and masculinity. Prerequisite – Intermediate/Advance students. Must be able to straddle climb, know hip key roll up technique and comfortable with beats/momentum movements as well as dynamics drops.  Maximum number of students is 10 and a minimum of 6 is required to hold this workshop.

$70M / $75 NM – 2 HOURS – sign up today!

Sat. Feb. 17th – 4:30PM
Save Your Shoulders! Injury Prevention
for Circus Artists with Jen Crane!

Are you at risk for shoulder injury? This highly interactive, two-hour workshop will lead a through a battery of circus-specific strength and flexibility tests to determine your injury risk during participation in circus activities. You will receive either a pass/ fail score on each part of the test, and will be instructed in specific exercises for the components that you did not pass. At the end of the workshop, you will have a comprehensive injury prevention plan of exercises, mobility drills, and stretches that is specific to YOU and your body! You will also be instructed in the BEST warm up and cool down routine that will both optimize your athletic performance AND prevent future injuries!  We require a minimum of 10 participants to hold this workshop.

$75 M/ $80 NM – 2 HOURS- sign up today!