JUNE 2018

FRIDAY 6/8 – 7:30pm – 9:30PM
**Different Material** Silks Shenanigans for Beginners! with Paperdoll Militia

For the aerial silks students wishing to expand their skills repertoire. This workshop will feed you new and exciting climbs, wraps, and drops; or aerial candy.   PREREQUISITE: This class is appropriate for ALL aerial silks levels, working on climbing to the top, inversions, hip keys or more advanced skills.

SATURDAY 6/9 – 4:45pm – 6:45PM
Sneaky Feet Silks with Paper Doll Militia

Warm up those ankles and toes for this workshop where we focus on all kinds of creative uses for our feet! These sequences, skills, wraps, and hitches will have you marveling at how much is possible with a little bit of fabric theory and foot articulation. Shock and confuse your audience with the art of misdirection, leaving them begging for more of that fancy footwork. PREREQUISITES:  Intermediate Level and above. 

SATURDAY – 6/9 7PM – 9PM
Slacking off Silks with Paper Doll Militia – FULL

 “Slag Drag” theory is a termed coined by Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes of Paper Doll Militia. We realized that there are countless ways that you can “drag” the “slack” of a piece of fabric or rope to create new and interesting ways into your standard wraps. In this workshop, every sequence taught will have some element of slack dragging, so that by the time you leave you will be thinking in circles and loops.  PREREQUISITES: Intermediate Level and above.

Maximum number of students is 10 and a minimum of 6 is required to hold this workshop.

$75M / $80 NM – 1 Workshop
$140M / $150 NM – 2 Workshops
$215M / $230 NM – 3 Workshops

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FRIDAY – 6/22 7:30PM – 9:30PM
Total Recall with Camille!

Have you ever said to yourself, “What was that one thing Camille taught, that one time, that I never saw again?” If this sounds familiar, then we have the class for you! Camille will be revisiting and reviewing some of the tricks or sequences that she’s taught in the past, but that have since faded into the cloudy mists of memory…  Please sign up EARLY. Two weeks before the class, we’ll send out a survey to all registered students and you can let Camille know which tricks you want to cover.    If you want input on the curriculum, don’t sign up last minute!  Other students welcome to attend — we’ll just learn it all for the first time!   Prerequisites: At minimum: inversions in the air (without tagging) and hip keys (bent or straight legs)

Maximum number of students is 10 and a minimum of 6 is required to hold this workshop.

2 HOURS – $60 M / $65 NM

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